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Life Changing Mental Stimulation Therapy for Seniors, Seniors Living Communities and Service Providers

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Worried and Concerned about Dementia as you AGE?

ONE in 10 people over 65 in Australia have dementia and there is no cure for this debilitating disease.

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Here's What We Do...

Here are some of the concerns we help to address

Stay Independent

Worried and concerned about dementia as you age? Cognitive Stimulation Therapy can help to boost brain health, slow down brain ageing, and potentially reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Maintain Cognition

Quietly concerned about your brain function becoming weaker? Cognitive Stimulation Therapy can help to maintain brain function such as concentration, memory, critical thinking and language skills.

Empower Loved Ones

If a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia and you want to find non-medical intervention that focuses on meaning and quality of life; or find an intervention to slow down progression.

Why Do Cognitive Stimulation

We want to age well and better. Being physically fit and mentally sharp are essential aspects of health as we age for independent living and quality of life.

Benefits of cognitive stimulation include:

Mental stimulation can help maintain and potentially enhance cognitive ability, and grow new brain cells.

Regularly participating in cognitive stimulation therapy may reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Mental stimulation protects against decline in brain function due to a lack of new, complex and cognitively challenging tasks after retirement.

Cognitive stimulation therapy helps to slow down progression of dementia.

Why Choose Fit Minds Australia

Fit Minds' vision

Provide unprecedented support to seniors to be the best that they possibly can. We provide group and individual customised cognitive stimulation therapy to enhance quality of life and enable meaningful relationships with family and friends.

Coaches Who Genuinely Care

We are brain health and dementia advocates… our coaches are certified and we develop meaningful relationships with our clients and family members.

Personal & Adaptable

Person centric cognitive exercises, personalised to match the person’s cognition ability and focus on making it an enjoyable therapy.


Regular feedback on the person’s cognitive abilities and engagement.

Meaningful Words from some of our clients

"Practical and Stimulating... Just what I wanted"

"Before joining the program, I was concerned that it would be too theoretical and above my head. However, the exercises were doable in the beginning and progressively became rather stimulating.

The regular mental stimulation has helped me to be creative in solving problems (I live alone and this is important).

I like the mix of activities used in the program each week, it makes the exercises interesting to complete. I particularly like the approach of the Fit Minds coach who assisted us with the exercises and created a conducive environment for mature adult learning as well as social interaction.

This is a stimulating program and it was what i wanted .... a practical program."

Nimmi, NSW

"I was thinking it would be a miracle if the program can help me and now I'm back to my old happy self."

"I was asking myself if there is really something out there that can help me with my frustration of short term memory challenge. The only way to find out is go go along and find out for myself. I'm glad I did!

My family and friends have markedly noticed I'm back to my old happy self."

Elizabeth, NSW

"It's a Genuine Program that works!"

"I have Frontotemporal dementia and being cared for at home by my partner.

We were looking for non-medical intervention to help me maintain my brain function and slow down the progression of the condition. I was lacking guidance in mental stimulation.

After joining the program, I discovered how mental stimulation can help me with my condition.

It is a well structured program. The variety of activities each week give me the regular mental stimulation that I need. The bonus was the social interaction that I appreciate very much, especially in this pandemic when we are social isolating.

It is a genuine program that works!"

Keith, NSW

"The session brings out the best in mum... She is happy and feels accomplished"

"I want to express my appreciation for the positive feedback I am getting from Mum from the one on one sessions. Mum really enjoys doing the exercises, puzzles and games each week. She is so engaged with the tasks that she speaks about the session for days after. It has been important to Mum that she maintain her independence despite her memory loss and the Fit Minds Coach bring out the best in Mum on each visit. I can see Mum is benefiting from these sessions not only because she talks so highly about the interaction after each visit but also because she feels happy and accomplished."

Lidia, daughter of a Fit Minds one-on-one client

"The program provides an anchor to our residents' week"

"I have been facilitating the Fit Minds cognitive stimulation therapy program for over 2 years at Wahroonga House and have seen the benefits of incorporating this activity into our program. The weekly worksheets provide a wonderful variety of exercises which not only assists in stimulating multiple parts of our residents’ brain function but also brings an important social and wellbeing aspect to their week.

When I first began running the classes we had generally 8 or so residents attending, and now we have a dedicated regular group of 17 or so every week. Many have said to me that the cognitive session is their favourite activity and that it provides an anchor to their week. The quote of the week provides a special time for discussion and often residents share stories and personal reflections."

Sandy, Recreational Activity Officer

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